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Associate a workflow to a SharePoint list using Powershell

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This script will associate one of the out of the box Disposition Approval workflows to a list.
This code requires the SharePoint Powershell Profile to be loaded beforehand

#Include the additional dll references required
[Void] [System.Reflection.Assembly]:: LoadWithPartialName("System")
[Void] [System.Reflection.Assembly]:: LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow")

#open the web
$web=Get-SPWeb -webUrl "http://moss";

#list to which the workflow is to be associated

#create workflow association object
$culture=new-object System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-AU");
$basetemplate = $web.WorkflowTemplates.GetTemplateByName("Disposition Approval",$culture);
$wftasklist=$web.Lists["Workflow Tasks"];
$wfhistorylist=$web.Lists["Workflow History"];
$wfAssoc=[Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWorkflowAssociation]:: CreateListAssociation($basetemplate,"Disposition Approval",$wftasklist,$wfhistorylist);

#associate workflow to list

#cleanup and end


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